The Limitations of Breast Pumps

The Limitations of Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are helpful to any mother, especially first time mothers wanting to provide their babies with the essentials found in breast milk, however, sometimes mothers forget that breast pumps also have limitations and setbacks and can be difficult to use.

Working Moms
Using breast pumps, especially for working moms or mothers who are busy throughout the day and night, may become impossible or hard to do. Packing and lugging around breast pumps may become tiresome and a nuisance to deal with as well. In addition, the difficulty with finding storage for breast pumps throughout the day can be tasking, and society has also made it difficult to utilize breast pumps outside the comfort of moms’ homes.

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Sanitary Concerns with Utilizing Breast Pumps
Breast pumps are intricate and have several parts to them that need to be cleaned and sterilized. Sterilization should occur before and after each use to ensure cross contamination of the breast milk does not occur. Also, mothers must keep in mind that the containers in which the breast milk is stored must also be washed and sterilized before each use. This may become tasking to a first time mother joggling other responsibilities throughout the day.

Frequent Use of Breast Pumps May Cause Milk Production Issues
Besides these practical limitations of breast pumps, several other limitations exist with utilizing breast pumps. Using breast pumps too much may interfere with breast milk production because the Avent Breast Pump at Amcal are taking away the time the baby could be using learning how to latch onto the nipple for a more natural flow of milk production. In addition, some mothers are unable to lactate or produce enough milk. This could indicate that breast pumps are ineffective in producing enough milk for storage. Excessive use of breast pumps may also decrease milk production. This is because breast pumps and feeding your baby by latching are completely opposite.

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No Stimulation to Mother’s Breasts
Breast pumps, though thought of as convenient, do not provide enough stimulation to the breasts. The stimulation that should occur from the suction cups from the Tommee Tippee Breast Pump at Amcal Online  are very light in comparison to the natural stimulation that stems from a baby’s latch to the mother’s breast. Stimulation is important when breastfeeding because it may shield the mother from harmful disease such as cancer.

Due to the limitations of breast pumps, it is important and recommended that mothers consult with their medical doctor or midwife concerning utilizing breast pumps and research the implications of its use.

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